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Cowboy electrische fiets Customer reviews

Ratings and reviews from real Cowboy customers. Read what our riders have to say.

  • Kathrin ★★★★★

    Paris 24 Jan 2020 Cowboy 2

    First things first, the design is beautiful. I get asked about the bike a lot :) I love the power kick at the start, that head start makes me feel much safer at traffic lights. Otherwise, I would describe the feeling just like riding a normal bike, but with superpowers. Quite nice when riding uphill - it’s not a motorcycle, you still have to pedal, but you climb with ease. The bike is more agile than most ebikes, which is useful in dense traffic. Its lightness makes it possible to carry it up stairs and facilitates parking. Even when the battery is empty, you still have a perfectly usable bike as a fall back, another big difference vs other ebikes I’ve owned. The automatic assistance is surprisingly seamless, the shift is so smooth it’s unnoticeable. I’m a huge fan and definitely recommend the Cowboy bike.

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