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Cowboy electrische fiets Customer reviews

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  • Abraham ★★★★★

    Walthamstow 03 Oct 2020 Cowboy 3

    I always enjoyed cycling and used to do about 25 km everyday when I was in school. When we moved to London I wanted to cycle into work however felt it was quite risky with the traffic and moreover, for my wife it was a NO, NO. With COVID we were open to safer ways of commuting as the London Underground which was my usual mode of transport into work seemed more risky. Things changed with COVID. There were new cycle lanes and London became more cycle friendly. I began cycling with the COWBOY into work for the last 2 weeks and have done about 180 miles in that period. I feel so much better and look forward to it everyday. It is the best thing that has happened in my life in these dark days. Without the assistance of the e-bike I think at 54 I wouldn't have been able to start this venture and would have given given up considering the distance I have to do everyday. Thank you Cowboy FOR CHANGING MY LIFE.

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